About Us

Hello we are,

VITAMEDIA is established to provide businesses one-stop marketing support to meet their specific objectives and goals. We are specialized in both online and offline events, designing marketing strategies, and bring out effective promoting efforts. We train and develop an enormous network of in house potential KOLs (Key Opinion Leader) and KOCs (Key Opinion Consumer). We also work closely with active KOLs to build a connection between them and the commercial brands. We always put ourselves into clients' shoes and recount a story from the beginning to the end to fully understand what we could give and propose to fulfil what clients really need and want.

Our Services

Content Marketing

An effective way to replace Search Engine Optimization by engaging bloggers to come up with detailed blog write-ups and to enable potential target customers to easily source info of commercial brands. This is essential to brands who wants to start gaining their online presence.

Talents Management

Our dedicated in-house talents help brands to have a playbook of go-to strategies. From influencers, KOL (Key Opinion Leader), KOC (Key Opinion Consumer), we can ensure that your marketing tactics provide maximum potential.

Exposure Marketing

Exposure Marketing is necessary when a commercial brand wants higher reach and exposure on active social media platforms. Key Opinion Leaders will be engaged to do postings with proper and key hash-tags on social media platforms. Solutions will be proposed in phases to cater to clients' needs.

Campaign Designing

We will 360-degree explore the clients’ brand, gather all the valued insight. Design customize-able marketing campaigns to help customers to achieve their respective marketing goals and objectives. Clients who seek opinion or advise in designing marketing campaigns are encouraged to approach us.

Showcase Campaign

Showcase campaign is an opportunity to build your brand's reputation and hype around it, bridge the gap from your brand with medias, investors, customers and influencers. Events like product launch event, press conferences are nothing new to us.

Live Streaming Platform

We have our own live streaming platform that is equipped with e-commerce features. Interaction with live streaming hosts, gift giving and products buying are all available to use on this platform. Brands that wants to achieve high sales target can consider to approach us for this service.

Video Production

Our dedicated video production team produces high quality video content. Different types of video content to satisfy different needs. Marketing, corporate, TV commercial, animation videos and so on are developed to create an amazing experience for clients’ target audiences and bring positive results to clients’ campaigns.